Dispel Dyslexia And Spell Course

A Foundation Course to Help Your Children to Spell

Your children are frustrated and upset because they can’t spell?

You’re frustrated and worried because you can see them forever struggling with spelling?

Perhaps you’re beginning to worry that they will have limited career opportunities

or will have to work extra hard to achieve what they want?

You want to start helping your children before they start school, like I did for my children?

If this is not you, you might like to tell a friend who would like to know about this course.

If you’ve tried to help your children and it’s not working very well, it may be just because of a simple misunderstanding about how spelling works or how your children understand.

I’m Mavis Kerrigan and for 50 years as a teacher and literacy coach-mentor I’ve helped 1000s of different children, including my own children, to become happier at school and home because they can spell more confidently and therefore write more easily and accurately. This work has allowed me to accumulate the know-how to help many different children – even those with English as an Additional Language. As a teacher-support and parent trainer, I’ve trained, mentored and coached the people who help children to spell.  I’ve helped individuals both privately at home and in school to overcome their spelling problems while reducing frustration and increasing confidence in children and their helpers.

you are invited to a special, private, online (like a Skype call) Live Masterclass to just a tiny group of people like you (6 maximum).  The training will be recorded, so you will be able to access the recording on-line, when you wish to refresh your learning later. There will be lots of activities for you to take part in so that you can use the ideas straight away with your children.

You will have access to downloadable Foundation Course Spelling Materials

The course will help you to help your child with spelling techniques, to drive out the myths and offer the facts about how children learn. It’s also about

  • knowing exactly where the problem lies so that you don’t waste valuable time
  • reading between the lines of what your children say when they think they can’t do it
  • knowing how to respond so they’ll listen and improve their listening, observation and speaking skills to move forward
  • intuitively knowing the best techniques for your children

No previous knowledge of teaching reading or spelling is required because it’s a Foundation Course that helps to make sure you know where to start with your child, but if you do have some knowledge you can still attend because you’ll learn:

  1. my I-ASK-U™ coaching and mentoring techniques to make teaching your child easier
  2. how to know where to start
  3. How to avoid the 10 most commong to learnn reasons for children failing to learn
  4. the 7 STEP Spelling™ methods and how and when to use them for basic spellings and adapt it for the tricky words they bring home from school to learn
  5. how to use the foundation course downloadable spelling materials for your child (Included in the fee)

You’ll have the chance to ask questions and make use of the things you have learnt to help your children between sessions.  

What?  A 3 day workshop with lots of activities and information to help your children

Where? In your own home, in front of your PC

When? It’s a 3 day workshop:  Tues 24th, Fri 27th February & Tues 3rd March – with time to use your knowledge between sessions and feedback

Times: 10am-12pm & 12.30pm-2.30pm

Fee £127, but only £97 if you book by Tues 17th Feb 2015. The price is low because this is the first time I’ve presented this course on-line, so you’ll need to bear with me!


SECURE YOUR PLACE by ringing Mavis between 8am and 9.30am or between 6.30pm and 7.30pm on Monday, Wednesday or Friday. Tel +44 (0) 23 8046 6679  or e-mail maviskerrigan@gmail.com to arrange a call to discover if it’s suitable for you.

See you soon