Poor speech? How to grab attention with a reward!

Today,  I had the pleasure of working with an 9 year old student who can hardly read or write, had problems with concentration and doing exactly as asked.   He also had speech problems, making it difficult for people understand him.  I encouraged Landon to pay attention by putting ticks on an ‘Attention chart’ every time he paid attention and did exactly as I had asked him. If  he gained at least 20 points he  would be awarded a star

I spent about half an hour doing his first  phonics lesson with him with the  ‘Spell Write And Read System’ that I have created.  Because of his difficulty with the sound ‘g’ I helped him specifically with making the sound ‘g’, in the back of his throat.  He  pronounced it as ‘d’.

Just before I left him he asked me a question with the word ‘got’ in it, but still pronounced it as ‘dot’, and hardly even pronouncing the ‘t’ on the end. I tried to persuade  him to say ‘got’ with a ‘g’ and he replied that he couldn’t and said:  ‘Dot’

I then quickly replied,  “I expect you could say ‘got’ if I gave you a point!”

In a flash he returned as clear as a bell with “Got”, pronouncing all the letters clearly and with a big grin on his face.

I’m now wondering how much Landon’s speech can improve with the promise of a point?

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