Spell Write & Read System

The Spell Write And Read System is a System that uses phonics and intoduces real books for youngsters to begin to

  • make educated guesses at reading words that they have never seen before
  • spell words that they have never seen before

Many youngsters do not write the words that are in their head because they are afraid of making a mistake or not knowing where to start with the word when they write.

SW&R teaches them how to start to spell words and follow through with them to the end: even long words.

Many youngsters panic when they see a long word that they need to read and shy away from books, because most books have long words.

SW&R  introduces longer multi-syllable words, a few at a time,  right  from Part 1,  to allow the youngsters to to feel comfortable with longer words.

The Spell Write And Read System has been developed over the last 13 years as a result of the research Mavis Kerrigan  has carried out into how young people learn, how they like to work  and how they are motivated.  She has also studied different aspects of phonics and methods of phonological awareness, committing information to memory and improving short-term and working memory, improving writing and handwriting ability.

You can contact Mavis Kerrigan on +44 (0)23 8046 6679 and by e-mail: mavis@spellwriteand read.com